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    The initiative called "My Safeer" was developed over the past year based on customer research, as well as input from Safeer's store managers, senior division executives, merchandise vendors and industry experts. Its goal is to accelerate sales growth in existing locations by ensuring that core customers surrounding each Safeer's store find merchandise assortments, size ranges, marketing programs and shopping experiences that are custom-tailored to their needs.

    To maximize the results from My Safeer, the company is taking action in certain markets that will:

    » Concentrate more management talent in local markets, effectively reducing the "span of control" over local stores.

    » Create new positions in the field to work with division central planning and buying executives in helping to understand and act on the merchandise needs of local customers;

    » Empower locally based executives to make more and better decisions.

    In essence, the plan is to drive sales growth by improving our knowledge at the local level and then acting quickly on that knowledge. These moves will benefit our customers as well as our shareholders.

    A new structure is being adopted in geographic markets that had been part of the UAE as well as Oman and Qatar.

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